Mr. Ravi Jaipuria, Founder, RJ Corporation

If vision is the art of seeing the invisible, then one man saw the future a little more clearly than others. The story of RJ Corp began more than two decades ago, when the foundation of the group was laid in 1990s. With a vision that has always remained ahead of the times, the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ravi K Jaipuria has taken RJ Corp to commendable success. Under his leadership, RJ Corp has pan India presence and has performed exceedingly well in overseas markets. The Group also has business in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Morocco, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Australia and Thailand.

Along with business, he is very much committed to bring the social change and actively supporting Pravah Skill Development Centre through all the available resources at RJ Corporation.

Ms. Dhara Jaipuria, Director, RJ Corporation

Ms. Dhara Jaipuria, currently holds the position of Director on the board of RJ Corporation.

Ms. Jaipuria has been actively involved in various social programs encouraging and helping the weaker sections of the society. While serving the empire at RJ Corporation she realised that there is a big gap between the skilled people required in the industry and the unemployed youth of the country.

She wanted to ensure that the right student choses the right course according to his passion, thoughts, aptitude and the skill-set. Doing this will help our students get the career edge and the extra push that is highly needed in a competitive job market, eventually leading to professional success.

She firmly believes in 'only skilled India can dream of being a developed India' and under her active leadership, Pravah Skill Development Centre was inaugurated on 10th November 2014.

Ms. Devyani Jaipuria, Director, RJ Corporation

Ms. Devyani Jaipuria is a philanthropist with a remarkable, multi-domain experience. She has unique hands on approach to business wherein she is involved in all key strategic and operational aspects. Adding strength to her visionary style, she inaugurated DPS International Edge. She always tends to lay strong emphasis on value based development for the students. Her vision, courage and innovative spirit have made this venture successful by leaps and bounds.

Mr. Varun Jaipuria, Director RJ Corporation

Mr. Varun Jaipuria is an Indian businessman whose dynamic leadership, innovative ideas and modern approach have led PepsiCo touch zenith of success. He is actively involved in philanthropic activities in various fields and has also been actively associated with Pravah since its inception and devotes his time towards the promotion of education and skill development for the poor and under privileged.

He wants to deliver real, meaningful and drastic change around the world. Through his initiatives we are working to spread success, improve student outcomes and strengthen Indian Education.

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