Cutting & Tailoring and Fashion Designing

The students will learn to stitch all type of garments related to men, women and children. The course will cover all aspects related to garment Industries.


Sewing machine and its parts

How to operate the sewing machine, care and maintenance

Terms used in tailoring

Knowledge about sewing aids, needles, threads

Knowledge about different kinds of fabrics

Garment details like darts, pleats, gathers, tucks, collars, sleeves Basic seams

How to take body measurements, measurement chart and taking measurements from the old/existing garments

What is drafting and why it is necessary

What do you understand by colour fastness, strength and shrinkage of cloth

Basic knowledge of stitching, such as straight stitch, zigzag stitch, etc.

Basic hand stitches – button fixing, button holing, hook fixing, eyelets, hemming and stitching saree fall, etc.

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